Here are responses from some of the wonderful people I have treated, worked with, and worked for over the last several years as a professional massage therapist, herbalist and teacher.

Fellow Herbalists:
Selena Rowan

May 5 at 12:14pm

“The talented and intuitive Erin Rose of Populace: Wellness for Every Body will be offering some incredible and unique wellness courses this summer!”

Chesney Citrine

May 3 at 10:44am

“My friend is starting a school! Erin Rose Winter is so great and passionate about what they do as an herbalist and LMT. 🌱📝🛀🏽

Casandra Mae

May 3 at 8:58am

“The wonderful Erin Rose Winter is offering some CE classes in Portland this summer. Check them out! 

Herbal Client:
Stacey Ann Clampitt

May 1 at 8:25pm 

“Erin Rose Winter came by and brought me some awesome throat spray that they blended special! It is sooo soothing and i can feel it work it’s magic! ♡”

Yelp for Massage at NPWC:
Jess H.

Erin Rose and Dr. Borgardt are fantastic!  Highly recommended. The massage and chiropractic were top notch.

Fellow LMT from East West College:

“Erin Rose is one of the most intuitive, whole-wellness focused thai therapists that I have had the pleasure of receiving bodywork from. Highly recommended you schedule a session…”

Manager from my first massage job ever <3

Michelle Cates Spa Manager

“…Erin Rose is not just good at helping get a knot out of a shoulder, or assisting a stressed traveler to calm their nerves, but she has facilitated some of the most beautifully deep and transcendental healing sessions I have ever witnessed. The fact that she is able to connect with her clients on such a profound level, even when they only have a few moments to visit the spa, is astounding. Never in my more than 10 years in the spa industry have I witnessed a therapist capture the hearts of as many clients as Erin Rose has; she even had a traveler rebook with her on her very first day of work at the Dragontree! Erin Rose is surely gifted, and her gifts of love, light and amazing energy truly make positive impact for our travelers here at pdx every day.”

One of the most wonderful teachers gave me this letter to help me get started, back when I was still at East West College: 

So much love for Cyr Foote as a teacher and a remarkable craniosacral therapist!
“Erin Rose Turner is currently a student of mine at East West College of the Healing Arts. As her Kinesiology and Therapeutic Relationships instructor I have observed very consistent patterns in her level of focus and dedication to learning. Erin Rose is an outstanding student. She is attentive and bright, as well as conscientious and thorough. She is currently receiving the highest marks in terms of grades. I am confident she will maintain this level of commitment throughout this program, and will succeed in this profession. She has already demonstrated to me that she has the qualities needed to excel in this field.
Cyr Foote , LMT cfoote@eastwestcollege.com
Faculty Member
East West College of the Healing Arts
503 233-6500”

So much gratitude for the teachers, coworkers clients who’ve helped me get this far. To many more years of reading bodies, teaching and supporting people’s self-care. I couldn’t have done it without you. 

My Highest Recommendations 
for outside care 
and educational opportunities 
in Portland, OR:

Mary Chen and Colleen Bunker: Acupuncturists at North Portland Wellness Center

Dr. Keenan Borgardt: Chiropractor at North Portland Wellness Center

Alex Susbauer: Myofascial Release

Nephyr Jacobsen: Traditional Thai Massage training

Cyr Foote: Craniosacral Therapist and teacher

Gradey Proctor: Ecologist and Botanist, Community Herbal instructor and Gardener

Maeanna Welti: Sound healer

Ebony Galluzzo: Portraits that show people their beautiful self

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