Populace currently accepts approved massage therapy and chiropractic insurance from:

Providence, Regence BCBS Oregon, CHP Kaiser Self-Referred, and Auto Accident MVA PIP claims. Populace will soon be accepting PacificSource.
Massage and Manual Therapy Modalities:
Slow Deep Tissue, Chiropractic, Thai, Gua Sha(Gentle Scraping), Fascial Stretching and Recuperative

Schedule Manual Therapy

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Single Sessions:

30 Minute Session

60 Minute Session

90 Minute Session

2 Hour Session

3 Hour Session

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Table Massage Description:

Using Deep Tissue, Fascial Stretching

and other Anatomy-Based techniques,

we’ll work through your areas of concern

and the muscles that support them.

With slow and focused massage

you’re likely to experience:

pain relief, increased mobility

and improved circulation.

Please come hydrated.

This is a table massage

with sheets and a blanket.

Oil is used.

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Thai Massage Description (on a floor mat):

*not currently available-will return

Come dressed

in loose, comfortable clothing

for an in-depth and

full body Thai Massage.


This beautiful treatment works

through each section of the body

including areas of concern,

using stretches, compressions, manual adjustments

and your body’s own pace.


The first half is 90 minutes

of manual therapy

followed by a bathroom, water

and snack break.

In the second half,

manual therapy resumes and continues

for 80 more minutes,

leaving you 10 min at the end

for meditation, stretching



Please come hydrated

and nourished

as you would

to a yoga or gym class.

This is a fully-clothed (loose yoga clothes etc.)

floor mat massage,

with pillows and bolsters.

Little to no oil is used.

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Treatment Plan Examples

 Massage 3 set (7 day plan)

Meet 1-3x in a week for an acute concern

5% off single session price


Massage 5 set (10 day plan)

Meet 2-5x week for an acute concern

10% off single session price


 7 set (21 day plan)

Meet 7x in month for a chronic concern

15% off single session price

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Treatment Plans Description:

Over a course of days,

we’ll meet for your designated time.

We’ll work slowly and deeply,

building on successes

from each session prior.

Every visit will be dedicated

to focused bodywork, guided stretches,

exercises and postural support.


Each session plan is

based on the value of repetition in recovery care,

and with respect to your physical progress.

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Schedule a Massage

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You’re welcome to contact me

with questions about how to choose

the right appointment type for you.


Sets can be purchased at this link:

 Packages and Products Store

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