About Erin Rose Turner

Erin Rose (aka Dr. Turner) is a dual-licensed practitioner with further years of training in herbalism and nutrition, in Portland, OR

Licensed Massage Therapist (#19822), Doctor of Chiropractic (#6258), Herbalist and Educator


I love bodywork. I’ve never been more surprised by how true something is. Manual therapy helps people every day; it just works.

I’m Erin Rose, a dedicated manual therapist, an herbalist and a teacher at Populace Wellness.

I’m a listener and a reader.

Portrait by Ebony Galuzzo

When a patient or student comes to me, I support the body-therapy process wherever it’s at. I will only recommend changes to your workout, your diet, your lifestyle etc… that you’re on board with, and I’ll offer the alternatives and counsel to encourage you.

Your body=Your autonomy.

Because I enjoy sharing wellness with those who want it.


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About Populace Herbalism

Neuralgia Calmer with Balsam Poplar

I truly value plants as medicine. Working with: tea, infused vinegars, honey paste, tincture, salves, powdered plants, burnables or cold infusions…

If you decide to add in herbal supplementation, I will teach and guide you.

In treatment, I’ll sometimes use steam towels with essential oils. These aromatics can benefit breathing deeply, getting good blood flow to the area and feeling refreshed.

For a Cohort in “10 Plant Herbalism”, see Class Descriptions.

Spring Nettle

I’ll often recommend herbal liniments and rubs (medicated oils), in session. I’ve seen about a 30%-70% margin of acceleration in client recovery, in those who do their homework, compared to those who don’t.

It’s nice to have self care that supports you at home.

Link: Herbal Consults


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Chair Style

About Populace Manual Therapy


 Guided by your posture, anatomy & physiology and a few manual therapy techniques, I assess your areas of concern with patience and focus.

I stretch and soften adhered muscles and fascia.

The goal is to free bound joints and increase your mobility; to help you feel better.

I work slowly enough that your body can integrate the relaxed posture. And I work firmly enough for you to feel when tensions shift and soften. 

A lot of people experience increased circulation, pain relief and improved lymph flow after our appointments.

 I’m so fortunate to have practiced and worked with thousands of people, and their bodies since 2012. 

Here are the modalities of Populace: Injury Recovery, Mobility, Fascial Stretching, Deep Tissue, Chiropractic, Prenatal, Traditional Thai Medicine (table, mat and chair)

I practice Thai element theory and Western Herbalism together with some intuition. I call this assessment style:

“Reading the Body”.

*See class descriptions to learn more about “Reading the Body”.


It’s really rewarding to witness people feeling better and healing on a regular basis.

Link: Massage


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  About Populace Education 


Populace offers wellness classes for every kind of body; ideal for C.E.s, personal development or both.

It’s about client care and cohort wellness.

Two Lilies, One Wapato

I share body-therapy knowledge and skills in a setting inspired by licensed massage schools, and herbalism conferences.

We will share: massage techniques, strong-body practice, collaborative study, and the information of health.

With programs specifically created to welcome anyone ready to learn self-care and wellness, at any level,

Populace is a supportive place to plant rhythms of health into your body.

Classes have hosted:

massage clients, botanical clients,

fellow educators and practitioners,



With an engaged teacher, you will learn ways to support your own health while exchanging practices and tips with your fellow students.

Populace teaches body-therapies, herbalism, and wellness.



We work in small cohorts, so you can start together and finish together. Some classes are comprehensive with: digital components, homework assignments and of course, body education. Some are brief introductions.

You choose the cohort that fits into your life.

You take the initiative, and I’ll walk you through it.

Once you’ve chosen a class goal, I’ll do my best to support you throughout.

Link: Register for Classes


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Wholistic Populace

Talking Herbs with Alex, at Fettle

When you make an appointment or attend a class with Populace Wellness, you can expect: a strong, gentle, intuitive herbalist, consultant, educator, and body-therapist who listens to you.

A person’s muscles, joints, vessels and skin are like a web of information to read and follow, telling their story of posture, pain and their potential for balance.

I am interested in unraveling “why it hurts”, and happy to share any findings. So whether it’s manual therapy, wellness consultation or education you seek, I’m here to help.

Let’s see what you need, to feel physically balanced and sturdy again. Hope to see you soon.

Populace Wellness and Education Project,

“Someone to help you feel better”

Link: Announcements


populace offerings


Woods and Rivers Feed the Spirit


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