Finishing my doctorate

Hi longish post here. I’m hoping you find it very helpful 🙏🏻

The University of Western States student clinic (where I train in chiropractic) accepts Kaiser/CHP insurance, which can be a hard option to find.

I’m a seasoned massage therapist of 9 years with my own practice, and about to finish my clinical year of chiropractic.

I combine massage therapy, mobilizations, PT and Thai stretches in every session.

Please, if you know anyone that uses insurance, and would like experienced care, I need more patients in order to finish this doctorate.

You’re welcome to check out my private practice page and the clinician I train under for chiro. care. I’ll paste that info below.

I waited to go to grad school until my kid was an adult because I was a single parent. Please help a dedicated bodyworker complete this goal, to do the work I love and take care of yourself while doing it. Thanks so much for reading this. Erin Rose 🎓

Dr. Peter Vuky, Chiropractor at UWS Clinic

If you know any teachers looking for bodywork please send them my way? They usually have CHP insurance. They are welcome to follow me after I graduate, for continuity of care 🙌🏔

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