MARCH 2017

Listening to the Body Through the Bloom Times

Our Portland Winter was longer and wetter than some record-setters prior. I thoroughly enjoyed every light and transition of it. Winter is my time to thrive and grow. Now it’s Spring; mid-April.

 At this point we’re in full mold-blooming season, amid other more beautiful time markers; like cherry blossom and nettles. 

  I think about this “dark side to the bloom time” a lot lately, as several clients come in with textbook black mold poisoning symptoms. There is advice and support for them. There are ways to help.

I’ve spent years gathering solutions to black mold poisonings.

  But, I always think first of the weight of this information: Lungs sifting inward, invisible spores that affect the whole body, in ways that may not make sense to a casual eye. If we don’t catch it, if we don’t dry out the life, then the home/work/car wherever…is less safe and more harmful to the health. ❤

As a practitioner, I will do anything I can to advise, support and educate you in mold-free living.

  So hopefully by June’s end, this season of muscle spasticity and asthma-like breathing will no longer be the dominant concern in my practice. Until then, I’m keeping my list of resources handy. Go team get well.

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